An unlikely model on the Valentino Haute Couture catwalk

When I was a teenager, becoming a top model like Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell or Kate Moss was absolutely an unreachable, basically impossible dream.

I spent entire nights in front of the television looking at those glamorous fashion parties chockfull of artists, top models and celebrities.

I would be hypocrite if now I said I did not love the idea of being a model. At the same time, becoming a professional one requires a lot of energy, tenacity and, above all, an established network of people in the field.

Yes, because having a wonderful body is not enough.

There is a sort of invisible barrier at the entrance that scares young girls away, forcing them to renounce this career.

With the introduction of the digital fashion week something has changed. As we have seen here this new concept opened up the door to outsiders that, following the above, have taken different routes to becoming singers, dancers etc.

This is the case of Sissi Miram, a Franco-Martiniquaise dancer and singer who made all of us dance with her song “Ibiza, Miami, New York”. A sublime pop dancer specialized in hip hop that we have seen on important stages like X-Factor, she debuted on the fashion system against all. How is it possible? We asked her directly.

Valentino Haute Couture Digital fashion week

Sissi, with the digital fashion week a new opportunity came out. Can you please tell us what happened and how were you scouted?

I was contacted by an aerial model agency, “PHYSICAL POETRY”. I was aware that it was for an important brand but had no idea which one until I got the job.

Everything was so fast. I was contacted with the details and almost straight away had to leave for Rome. The first time I went, was to film the digital performance for “Of Grace And Light”. A show produced by NICK KNIGHT AND BRITT LLOYD to present the new haute couture Fall-Winter 2020 collection.
It was to, say the least, an unforgettable experience that lasted two days.

The second part of this incredible experience happened a week later; again in Rome, but for the live fashion show put on by the talented PIERPAOLO PICCIOLI. It was an experience that I will never forget and am very grateful to have been a part of it.

Sissi Miram diversity fashion week

How was the experience of being a model for Valentino Haute Couture?

Being a model was an unforgettable experience and I am grateful and very honoured to have been a part of the Haute Couture digital fashion show of the HOUSE OF VALENTINO.

It is a look into how we can put good use of technology to help us during these trying times.

I was also impressed by the beautiful craftsmanship of the seamstresses. Everything is done by hand, absolutely amazing.

Valentino Haute Couture

Do you think this new concept of “fashion shows” will open the door also to outsiders or it was just because of the emergency?

Personally, I do not think that this new concept of fashion shows has changed the way fashion is run. Certainly has improved it.

Social media and the Internet have for sure made it available to the maximum amount of people. Business-wise, I think the process has not changed in the least, as far as the fashion world is concerned, from the casting to the catwalk.

I hope the opportunity will not be a “one shot” but evolve to an established practice.

A concrete possibility to enable professionals to enter the modelling world, making it more accessible without losing its elitist peculiarity. On the contrary, making it more contemporary and closer to GEN Z needs.

Thank you Sissi and let’s all work to make these topics of social inclusion and diversity last in the fashion show agendas.

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